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French Entrepreneur, quantum physicist a long time ago. CEO of MailClark and president of Novius A Fan of science, Tech & Art. Inventor of EUROPEO, a common European language.
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French Entrepreneur, quantum physicist a long time ago. CEO of MailClark and president of Novius A Fan of science, Tech & Art. Inventor of EUROPEO, a common European language.



Europa Lingua is a think tank designed to promote the idea of a common language in Europe. We establish in our statutes that: "Europa Lingua is a think tank" designed to promote the creation and establishment of a common European language in order to facilitate communication within the European Union and to allow The appearance of a sense of unity and common identity within the European peoples.
The language would be a built language, would not belong to any state and would have no ambition to supplant the national languages (common but not single language). Egalitarian language between men and women, it should also be modern while being representative of the history of European civilization. This language should finally be simple and natural in order to promote its learning and its diffusion throughout Europe, but also beyond its borders.

This think tank encourages the exchange and cooperation between different actors of Europe around this the idea of a common language. Thus, he is dedicated to animate, to participate in debates and to produce knowledge about this topic.
The association has no lucrative vocation and is apolitical. It wants to be independent and does not want to be affiliated with a party or a political personality.
Still not convinced? Here is 7 argument in the form of a question and answer to change your mind:

Europe is a great idea that deserves to be defended

Q: On what point are all the European elected representatives, irrespective of their country of origin and whatever their sensitivity?

A: All in heart: "Europe needs a big project!"

So, if everyone agrees, how is this big project? A common language would revive the flame of the European project, which is sorely lacking in popular unity and support.


2) It would take a common language because multilingualism is expensive

Q: In your opinion, with its 24 official languages, how many translators does Europe have to ensure all the translations of the official texts?

A: Almost 4,500 translators, or 40% of Europe's administrative budget.

Q: Do you know how much would save the setting up of a common language?

A: EUR 25 billion per annum [1]! Almost 50 euros per person per year...!
Good to take, right?


3) Multilingualism does not work and leads to the domination of English

3 Little Riddles: in a meeting:

• If there are 8 English and 1 French, what happens?
We speak English! That's pretty normal.

• If there are 8 French and 1 English, what happens this time?
We speak English! That is totally unfair.

• And now, 2 Germans, 1 Spanish and 3 poles?
We let you guess...

A Little politics:

Q: Do you find it normal for all European politicians to speak almost only English when it is not the only official language (Europe is officially multilingual) and it is certainly Britain that is the most Eurosceptic European countries...?

A: The logic would not, especially after the Brexit. It is unlikely to speak exclusively of the language of a country that is not even part of the EU.


English, a very difficult language, is an imperfect common language

Q: Will you find the pronunciation of these few words ending all by ough?

Not obvious... it's normal, there is no rule.

Q: Another riddle: to mock English spelling, the illustrious British writer George Bernard Shaw would have pointed out that:
[GH] is pronounced [f] as in enough,
[O] pronounced [i] as in women
[Ti] is pronounced [sh] as in nation.
How should the word "fish" be written?

R: "Ghoti"!
"English is the easiest speak badly." He also said!


A national language must not be the common language. This is unfair to those whose native language is not

Q: What is the UK's estimated benefit of having English as the dominant language?

A: 10 billion euros! Nearly €200 per British per year anyway!


6) The best solution is a built language.

Q: Have you ever taken Western/interlingual courses?

A: no? Yet you already know the read, the proof:

Impressive, isn't it?
All those who speak a European language do so. This is normal, this language, the Interlingual/Western has been built for this.

Q: Little test of Esperanto now, knowing that for all verbs without exception:
• The infinitive to the final-I. ◦ Ex: Paroli (talk)
• The present has the final-as. ◦ Ex: Mi faras (I do)
• The past has the finale-is. Ex: No friends (we liked)
• The future has the final-os. ◦ Ex: Li Skribos (he writes).
How do you translate: "No"?

A: "We'll talk" was easy!


7) and it is not a utopia, history has shown.

Q: Built languages = Utopia? Are there any built languages that have been adopted by people?

A: No, it is not a utopia, built languages have already been adopted by people, some examples:
• Hebrew, literary Arabic or Romansh are examples of languages built to allow intercommunication between dialects,
• Nynorsk, has become a language of Norway,
• Swahili, which has become the official language of African States (Kenya, Uganda,
Tanzania, Congo).

History shows that it is possible! And yet, we continue to repeat the same idea received that the built languages can not function.

With such arguments, why not try?
The adoption of a common language could be a major project for Europe!


Here is our proposal (in Europeo of course):

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French Entrepreneur, quantum physicist a long time ago. CEO of MailClark and president of Novius A Fan of science, Tech & Art. Inventor of EUROPEO, a common European language.

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