Who are we?

Anthony Bleton-Martin

Since his childhood when his father has made him discover the joys of astronomy on the mountains of Beaujolais, Anthony is animated by the beauty of science and technology, the discovery of the globe, languages, the power of the arts, and generally by all that Civ Ilise the world.During his PhD in quantum physics in the CNRS laboratories, he discovered the power of the Web, he founded Novius, a digital agency based in Paris and Lyon, which he managed until 2014, when it reached 40 people. After a year spent at the EM Lyon, his pronounced taste for the power of innovation allowed by the code pushed him, in 2015, to create MailClark, a startup with the ambition to decompartmentalize the collaborative systems thanks to artificial intelligence. This project led him to be in constant contact with the actors of Silicon Valley, he perceives the strengths for the "reinvention of the world" but he is also at the front row to see the difficulties posed by the imposition of a single model to the whole of the Especially through the dominant language that has become English. Convinced of the strength of European civilisation, he is the bearer of an ambitious project to energize it, the Europa Lingua.

Alan Lewis

A 21-year-old student at Sciences Po Lyon, he was born in Aix en Provence with a French mother and a British father. Thus, from the moment he was born, he took advantage of a certain cultural diversity in the parental home. Growing up, he developed a strong attachment to his father's country, which allowed him to enrich his identity: he was a child of Europe. Of course, the Brexit is for him a tear, but he pushes him to campaign for Europe. This separation between his two countries has made him realise that Europe as we know it can no longer endure, and that it needs a stronger political and cultural union. That is why he joined Europa Lingua, because he remains convinced that a common language would allow a rapprochement of peoples and cultures, similar to the one he knew, and that made him fall in love with Europe. The breeding ground for his political commitment was already fertile as he was a fourth-year student at Sciences Po Lyon. This school gave it a taste for history, sociology, economics and research, which it tries to put to use at Europa Lingua. He is also heading into a career in the field of political economy. The beginning of his adventure at Europa Lingua also allowed him to enrich his knowledge of languages, an area that today fascinates him and which constitutes most of his work in our think tank. In the Face of the crisis we are experiencing, he is convinced that the best of Europe is ahead of us. He believes that it is up to his generation, who grew up in a Europe in crisis and a world radically different from that of our parents, that it is incumbent on us to take matters into their own hands and give Europe a fresh wind. The idealism of youth can be pointed out as ridiculous or even dangerous, but it is convinced that it is ambition and renewal that will enable Europe to prosper.

Baptiste Faure

A 20-year-old student at Sciences Po Lyon, Baptiste has long been fascinated by history, international relations, civilizations and the world that surrounds him more generally. Proud to belong to the European community, it is in favour of a federal Europe, the final stage of its development. nevertheless, It is disappointed by the current functioning of the European Union, mainly focused on economic and non-cultural or citizen Cooperation. The disinterest or distrust of europe, illustrated in particular by the return of nationalism, is the result of this malfunction, whether political, economic or international. He then thinks that it is necessary at all costs to propel a new dynamic to the European project, at the risk of seeing it gradually disappear. He is convinced that the introduction of a language as European can represent this dynamic, with a view to reviving this common sense of belonging and reviving the European project in the eyes of the Citizens.

Samantha Scordato

Student in Grade 3 at Sciences Po Lyon
Founding member of Europa Lingua
Treasurer of the European Youth Parliament South East
European Union convinced