A word from the President

Europe is an extraordinary civilizational project
Think about it: This is the first time that a geographical ensemble of the size of an empire is built by membership and not by invasion.
For beyond a common culture, since antiquity, has established itself over the centuries, an obvious convergence of civilization. Despite the borders and the political compartmentalization, the tourist or business traveller feels at home as well in Rome as in Dublin, in Copenhagen as in Seville or in Athens. The artistic and architectural foundations, the cultural values, the human rights, the defense of freedoms, the rules of love, of life, of death are everywhere the same.
It is a common civilization that unites us.

And yet after a really exciting start, political Europe skates. It seems that we are blocked, that something is preventing us from moving forward, going further together.

Some say that it is because Europe is too bureaucratic, too economical, too centralised, not political enough. Maybe...

Our belief in Europa Lingua is that Europe is lacking a fundamental thing.
Something that all the Nations under construction have imposed, sometimes forcibly, on their populations to obtain unity, something so indispensable that countries that do not have it are threatened with explosion constantly. That something is a common language.

You cannot unify a people without a common language.

If we want to unify Europe, then we need a common language but not English, which is no language of the European States either.

This European language does not yet exist.
What if we're ambitious? Why don't we build it?

Ridiculous? Maybe... So what? Good. All the great ideas have, it seems, been judged at first ridiculous and then dangerous before becoming obvious.

Building a language is Possible. The evidence has already been made in History: literary Arabic is a built language; swahili, the official language of several African states, including Tanzania and Kenya, is a built language; Modern Hebrew is a built Language. And the least we can say is that they work!

So why not us, in Europe.

What would the specifications be? We would have to:

  • To build a language-synthesis of European languages without any preference.
  • Building a common but not unique language
  • Building an egalitarian language between men and women
  • To build a language representative of our history, thus having Greek and Latin-e roots,
  • Building an easy language, learning, reading, pronouncing, and an immediate understanding

What could this language look like, which could be called EUROPEO?
Maybe this:

Civilization european es extraordinar,
ma necessita un lingua comun. It es possible !
Li Union European deve far li maximum
por crear e adoptar este lingua
e por que alle citizens parla este lingua.
Por Europa, un lingua comun es l’ultima ambition.

Necessita un traduction ?

It isn't our language and yet we feel, without being able to explain precisely why, that it is still our language. Because in fact it is more than a language, it is a common heritage and that is what should define the European language.

You will have understood, whether The EUROPEO or another language built (for example, you can think of The Interlingual or to The Interlingua, two built languages that could be very good bases), to have ambition for Europe today is to dare to say that it is possible to imagine a common language and to put it in place with the work of linguists of course, and that it is Only thanks to her that we can build a real unit in Europe.

Anthony Bleton-Martin,
President of Europa Lingua